What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer, manually applied, that chemically bonds to the paint. Once cured it creates a hard protective layer, a deep gloss and hydrophobic surface making your vehicle more resilient and easier to clean

A ceramic coating such as Drexler Ceramic offers a semi-permanent protection that lasts for years, depending on number of layers applied and how the car is taken care of. 

There are different kinds of coatings, made for different surfaces (paint, plastic, glass, wheels...). Due to its benefits compared to a wax, we've seen in the previous years a big increase of demand from customers, which leaded to an explosion of cheap products on the market, mostly imported from China. However, most of these products will not offer the result you want to see on your car...

What About Drexler Ceramic?

Drexler Ceramic is professionally oriented and manufactured with the highest industry standards. 

It offers a truly unique formula, combining a layerable Base Coat and a Top Coat. Drexler Ceramic products are daily used to protect some of the most exclusive cars in the world.


drexler ceramic coating car
Main highlights of Drexler Ceramic solution:
  • Extreme high gloss finish

  • Deep wet paint look

  • 100% Hydrophobic / Water and dirt repellent

  • Self cleaning effect

  • 9H Hardness

  • Prevent swirls and minor scratches

  • Extreme heat resistance 

  • Weather, acid rains, UV and chemical resistance

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